Management by Impact - IP&L
(Integrated Profit and Loss),
integrated management tool

Committed to generating value for its entire chain, the Natura brand, is taking an innovative step in measuring the impacts generated by its business in the social, environmental and human spheres, by launching its Integrated P&L, called IP&L.

We believe that the value of a company is connected to its capacity to contribute to the evolution of society. And, in order to collaborate with the broad change that the world needs, the first step is to measure our impacts.

The IP&L is an integrated management tool that allows us to account, in addition to financial results, the impact of corporate performance in the environmental, social, and human dimensions. The results of the study consider several other fronts of the company’s performance, such as carbon emission and offsetting, circularity, regeneration and conservation of biomes, income generation for the network (and its impacts on health and welfare).

According to the model’s application, based on 2022 results, for every R$1 of Natura revenue, the brand generated a net return of R$2.7 in benefits for society.

This is a model developed by the Natura brand as a pilot for the Group and aims to support decision making based on a rationale of impact for the evolution of the economy and its sustainable development.


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