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Corporate governance structure

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Natura &Co is a global community of people working together for a better world. To achieve its purpose, Natura &Co has as one of its pillars Corporate Governance, through which it establishes robust standards of transparency, fairness, accountability and corporate responsibility.

Natura &Co’s Corporate Governance system follows the best national and international governance practices and it is reviewed annually to ensure that its processes are aligned with the governance guidelines established by the Board of Directors.

In 2005, the Corporate Governance Department was created as part of the Company’s commitment to corporate governance best practices, still within the scope of Natura Cosméticos, and it is today one of the six statutory directorships of Natura &Co.

The Company was established in accordance with the provisions of Law 6404 of December 15, 1976, and the rules of the Novo Mercado, its listing segment in the Brazilian Stock Exchange. In addition, Natura &Co also observes the recommendations of the Brazilian Corporate Governance Code published by the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC). The Group’s commitment to the best corporate governance practices is reflected, among others, in its growing level of adherence to the Brazilian Code of Corporate Governance, as presented annually in its Corporate Governance Report.

Corporate governance structure

Natura &Co is managed by its Board of Directors and by its Board of Officers.

The Board of Directors of Natura &Co Holding S.A. is currently composed of 13 members, all elected and dismissed by the General Shareholder Meeting, with a unified term of office of two years. The reelection is allowed. The Company also establishes in its bylaws that at least one-third of the Directors of the Board must be independent directors, as defined in the Rules of Novo Mercado. Nine of the 13 members of the Board of Directors are independent, which corresponds to 69.23% of its current composition.

The Board of Directors is responsible, among others, for electing and dismissing the Company’s officers, assigning their functions, approving their powers and policies, as well as supervising their management.

For the best performance of its functions, the Board of Directors may create committees or workgroups with defined objectives, being composed of members appointed among management and/or other persons directly or indirectly related to the Company. Natura &Co currently has five committees, two of which are statutory.