Name Position
Cynthia Hobbs May Pinho Fiscal Council

Executive with 30 years of experience in the Financial Administrative area with vision and experience in business areas, acquired in companies of different segments.C-Level position in publicly traded as well as family-controlled companies.
I worked as Statutory Director at Grupo Ultra, Sagatiba, Dasa, Schneider Electric, CPFL, Renova Foundation and GetNinjas. Experience working in a highly complex environment with Multi-Governance stakeholder and interactions with different civil society entities.. Performance in the Third Party Sector in socio-environmental repair projects with a focus on Sustainability with social transformation and institutional development agenda (ESG Agenda).
Board Member and Fiscal Counselor certified by the IBGC. Currently Board Member of GetNinjas, Fiscal Board Member of the Institute Natura and Counselor of the OSB  Observatorio Social do Brasil.