Carbon Journey

The science is clear, we are facing a climate crisis. We have less than a decade to reduce our current emissions by half, and with that ensure that global warming does not exceed 1.5º C.

To avoid the devastating consequences of climate change, it is essential that we transform every sector of the global economy towards achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

This means going far beyond the model of offsetting unavoidable emissions and moving towards a net zero emissions model, aiming at having an equivalent balance between emissions and removals of greenhouse gases.

The graphic is an illustration of the stages of evolution towards Zero Emissions. The image is only intended to show the different levels of reduction that can be applied to some of the processes.

Natura &Co's journey zeroing net carbon emissions is divided into six stages:

1. Baseline &

– GHG Inventory baseline (work with Carbon Trust).
– Set and approve Science Based Targets.

2. Deep

In-depth analysis and advancement of all Net Zero initiatives.

3. Governance

– Review the structure to track progress on the the implementation of programs.

– Embed carbon emissions in the decision-making process.

– Strategic planning review for all processes to achieve Net Zero.

4. Tools

– Implement a system to measure the GHG emissions automatically.

– Adopt carbon pricing tool to evaluate reduction projects.

5. Supplier

– Engagement with suppliers.

– Mobilization with peers to address technology gaps.

6. Carbon Emissions

– Define criteria for the selection of projects to achieve carbon removal.

– Set a partnership with projects to remove carbon emissions.