Group Operating

Group Operating Committee

The Group Operating Committee (GOC) is responsible for assisting the Board of Directors and the Executive Chairman of the Board in the definition and implementation of the global strategy of the group, supervising each business unit of the Natura Group, identifying synergies and opportunities among them. The COG is also responsible for watching the organizational aspects of the group, making recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding necessary measures for its fluidity and efficiency. The GOC acts as a forum of discussion and recommendations regarding administrative and operational structures of the Company, in addition to promote the creation of Excellence Centers among the business units of the Natura group, seeking for better practices and excellence.

Participants Position
Roberto de Oliveira Marques Chairman
Angela Cretu Member
David Philip Boynton Member
Guilherme Strano Castellan Member
Itamar Gaino Filho Member
João Paulo Brotto Gonçalves Ferreira Member
Joselena Peressinoto Romero Member
Kay Nemoto Member
Michael O’Keeffe Member
Paula Leeson Fallowfield Member
Silvia Freire Dente da Silva Dias Lagnado Member
Moacir Salzstein Secretary