What are the procedures for buying and selling Natura’s shares?

To invest in Natura (NTCO3-BR), you must contact a security brokerage Company registered with the B3– “Brasil Bolsa Balcão”, that must assist you with all the required procedures.

For more information about brokerages companies, please check the B3 website, in the section “Getting Started with BVMF”. Aiming to facilitate the access to this information, we also created a link on our investor relations website, as you can see: (www.natura.net/investidor). On the home page you will find a quick access link named “Foreign Investors getting started in Brazil” that will take you to the B3 website.

Which institution is the transfer agent for Natura stock and what are its responsibilities?

The transfer agent for Natura stock is Itaú Corretora de Valores S/A and shareholder services are available at the branches of Itaú Unibanco.

The scope of work of Itaú Corretora de Valores S/A in providing services to our shareholders includes:

  • issuing statements of shareholding positions;
  • updating records (addresses, bank registration information, etc.);
  • transferring shares;
  • registering restrictions and amendments that impact the shares (shareholder agreements, pledges, usufruct, etc.);
  • exercising rights (subscription, withdrawal, etc.).
Which stock exchanges trade Natura stock and what is the stock symbol?

Our stock is traded only on the B3 stock exchange, under the stock symbol NATU3-BR.

What are the types and rights of Natura’s stock?

Natura stock is listed on the “Novo Mercado”, which is the listing segment of B3 with the highest standards of Corporate Governance. Therefore, Natura issues only common shares that attribute to its shareholders the right to vote at the shareholder meetings as well as tag-along rights, which ensures that, in the event of an ownership restructuring, its shareholders will receive 100% of the amount agreed upon with the controlling shareholders.

How many shares has Natura issued?

Natura &Co has issued 1,375,018,140 shares.

How can I track the change in Natura’s stock price?

You can follow the stock’s price on our investor relations website. Please check the Quotes of our investor relations home page. If you would like to compare the performance of our stock with stock indexes like the Bovespa Index (Ibovespa), please access the section Interactive Stock Chart available on our home page. The quotes have a lag time of 15 minutes.

How can I receive information about my stock ownership position?

If you are not an account holder at Banco Itaú, you may access information through the exclusive shareholders page at Investshop Itaú (www.investshop.com.br/acionistas) by following the step-by-step instructions to provide the data requested.

If you are an account holder of Itaú, Uniclass and Personnalité, you just have to access your account at www.itau.com.br and go to the “Investimentos” menu, where you can consult information on your Book-entry Shares and your Shareholding Position through Itaú.

If you have any questions, please contact our investor relations team through our investor relations website in the section Contact IR or call us by these telephone numbers: +55 (11) 4389-7786.

How can I receive an income statement for filing my personal income tax return?

Banco Itaú acts as the transfer agent for our Company’s stock.

Individual Shareholders may obtain key information for controlling their investments, such as ownership position, statement of transactions, notice of payments, income statements and subscription orders, over the Internet.

For account holders of Itaú, Uniclass and Personnalité, please check your account at www.itau.com.br. Through the Checking Account menu you can access your Income Statement and other information can be consulted through Itaú.

If you are not an account holder at Banco Itaú, you may access information on your shareholdings exclusive website at Investshop Itaú (www.investshop.com.br/acionistas) by providing the data requested and following the step-by-step instructions.

For answers to questions or more information, please contact Natura’s Investor Relations team by calling +55 (11) 4389-7786.

What is the process for updating my shareholder registration information?

Our shareholders may update their registration information whenever needed or desired. To do this, please contact Banco Itaú S.A. through any bank branch or one of the branches specializing in services to the holders of securities.

Individual shareholders must present the completed registration update form together with the following documents:

  • authenticated copy of their identity document:
  • authenticated copy of their taxpayer registration card (CPF);
  • authenticated copy of proof of residence;
  • simple copy of the shareholder’s bank domicile information.

Shareholders that are legal persons must present the completed registration update form signed by all of the entity’s legal representatives, together with the following documents:

  • Address: authenticated copy of the taxpayer card (CNPJ) or the minutes of the contractual amendment that contains the change;
  • Credit option: copy of the proof of bank domicile.

To update the registration information with the “CPF” or “CNPJ” field blank, the shareholder must present proof of share ownership.

Keeping shareholder registration information up-to-date is the responsibility of the shareholders together with Banco Itaú S. A.

Keeping the data and addresses up-to-date guarantees that the shareholder will always receive the latest information.

How does Natura distribute dividends?

In accordance with Federal Law 6,404 of 1976, as amended (Brazilian Corporation Law), which permits the bylaws of a company to stipulate the minimum percentage of net income for the period to be paid to shareholders as the minimum mandatory dividend or, in addition, paid as interest on equity, our mandatory dividend is stipulated in our bylaws. Natura’s bylaws establish a percentage of at minimum 30% of annual net income adjusted in accordance with Brazilian Corporation Law. Furthermore, on March 17, 2004, the Board of Directors adopted an indicative policy for the distribution of a minimum of 45% of adjusted net income. However, the dividend policy does not prevent the Company from, in certain circumstances, declaring dividends of less than 45% of adjusted net income.

In addition, the Board of Directors of Natura may recommend to shareholders that they approve the payment of additional dividends originating from other resources that are legally available for distribution.

For more information on Natura’s dividend policy please go to Codes and Policies.

What is interest on equity?

Interest on equity is the interest calculated on the shareholders’ equity of the companies that is paid or credited to shareholders based on the Long-Term Interest Rate (TJLP).

In accordance with tax legislation, Brazilian companies are authorized to deduct the payments and/or credits to shareholders of interest on equity from the calculation of their income tax and social contribution tax.

What are annual shareholder meetings?

Annual shareholder meetings are held a maximum of 4 months after the close of the fiscal year. They may be convened by the officers for a variety of purposes, such as verifying the results, electing the members of the audit board and discussing and voting on the reports from management.

All Natura shareholders may participate in the meetings and have the right to vote.

To stay informed on the dates of the meetings, go to the investor relations website of the company and click on the link IR Agenda.

Where can I find Natura’s financial results?

Our financial results are available on the Company’s investor relations website, in the Financial Information section. There you will find our Financial Reports, Earnings Release, Dividends Releases, Annual Reports, Prospectus and other CVM Filings.

How can I contact Natura's Investor Relations Department?

You can contact our investor relations team:

You can contact our investor relations team: through our website, in the section Contact IR where you will find a field for submitting your message/question.
by e-mail or telephone:
E-mail: relacoescominvestidores@natura.net
Telephone: +55 (11) 4389-7786

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