Brazilian Association of the Cosmetics, Fragances and Toiletries Industry (CFT).

Extraordinary and Annual Shareholders Meeting.

Association of Analysts and Investment Professionals of Capital Markets. It is an nonprofit civil association. Brings together analysts and persons related to the capital market, promoting cultural activities aimed at integration, training and expertise of its members.


Benefit Sharing
Based on Natura’s Policy for the Sustainable Use of Biodiversity and Associated Traditional Knowledge, benefits are shared whenever we perceive various forms of value in the access gained to biodiversity. Therefore, one of the practices that defines the way in which these resources will be shared is to associate payments with the number of raw materials produced from each plant as well as the commercial success of the products in which these raw materials are used.

Is a company that manages the organized securities and derivatives markets, providing registration, clearing and settlement services. It acts as central counterparty, guaranteeing financial liquidity for the trades executed in its environments.

Brazilian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Set of standards and rules that fix the institutional or organic principles of a community or corporation, public or private.


Compound Annual Growth Rate.

Distribution Center.

The overnight rate for interbank deposits.

Executive Committee.

Natura Consultant: Independent resellers who buy products direct from Natura and resell those to clients in the way that best fit themselves.

Natura Digital Conultant: Self-employed resellers who do not have a formal labor relationship with Natura, and that use the Natura Network space as selling platform .

Natura Consultant Advisor: They are also resellers as the CNs, and beyond that, they indicate new candidates to become CNs.

Security and Exchange Comission of Brazil.


Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization.


Is a set of listed shares deemed to be available for trading in the market.

Sales Force.


Greenhouse gases.

Relationship Manager.


International Financial Reporting Standard.

Non-Service Rate (NRS).

Índice de Inovação
The percentage of revenue earned in the last 12 months from the sale of products launched in the last 24 months.

Initial Public Offering.

Quarterly Information. Accounting document that companies must send to the CVM (Security and Exchange Comission of Brazil).


Market Share
Is the market share of a company that can be compared with its competitors.


Natura São Paulo.

Natura Consultant (CN)
Independent sales representatives who do not have a formal labor relationship with Natura.

Natura Crer Para Ver Program
Crer Para Ver, which translates literally as “Believing is Seeing”, is a special line of non-cosmetic products whose profits are transferred to the Natura Institute. Neither Natura nor Consultants earn money from sales of this line.

Natura Institute
Is a non-profit organization created in 2010 to strengthen and expand our private social investment initiatives. The institute has enabled us to leverage our efforts and investments in actions that contribute to the quality of public education.

Natura Super Consultant (CNO)
Independent sales representatives who do not have a formal labor relationship with Natura and support the Relationship Managers in their activities.

Non Deal Road Show. Event to publicize the company or its products in another regions.


Operations in Consolidation
Grouping of operations: Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Operations in Implementation
Grouping of operations: Colombia and Mexico.


Profit Sharing
The share of profit allocated to employees under the profit-sharing program.


Securities and Exchange Brockerage (CCVM)
They are institutions that mediate the purchase and sale of stocks and bonds.

São Paulo State Perfumery and Toiletry Association / Brazilian Cosmetics, Fragrance and Toiletry Industry Association.

Is everyone who has interest in a company, such as a person, a group, customers, suppliers, shareholders, or government.

Supplier Communities
The communities of people engaged in small-scale farming and extraction activities in a variety of locations in Brazil, especially in the Amazon Region, from which the inputs used in our products are extracted from the local social and biodiversity. We form production chains with these communities that are based on fair prices, the sharing of benefits gained from access to the genetic heritage and associated traditional knowledge and support for local sustainable development projects. This business model has proven effective in generating social, economic and environmental value for Natura and for the communities.

Sustainable Relations Network
Sales model adopted in Mexico that features eight stages in a consultant’s development: Natura Consultant, Natura Consultant Entrepreneur, Natura Trainer 1 and 2, Natura Transformer 1 and 2, Natura Inspirer and Natura Associate. To advance through the stages consultants must meet targets for sales volume and attracting new consultants and (unlike the models adopted in other countries) also for personal development and social and environmental engagement in the community.


Is a contractual obligation used to protect a minority shareholder. Which ensure that, in the event of an ownership restructuring, its shareholders will receive 100% of the amount agreed upon with the controlling shareholders.

Target Market
Refers to the market data published by Sipatesp/Abihpec. Considers only the segments in which Natura operates. Excludes diapers, oral hygiene products, hair dyes, nail polish, feminine hygiene products as well as other products.

Trilhas Project
Launched in 2009, this program’s objective is to introduce first-grade students to the world of reading through a series of materials prepared to support the work of teachers in the areas of reading, writing and speaking.


Vice Presidency.

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