Avon Foundation

Avon was born as a vehicle to promote female entrepreneurial potential. In these times of crisis and excessive polarization, the brand’s potential to generate opportunities for integral growth for its network of representatives and businesswomen becomes even greater, while reinforcing actions to promote women’s quality of life through causes:

 • Confronting domestic violence and breast cancer

• Democratization of beauty and diversity agenda

The Avon Institute in Brazil and the Avon Foundations in the countries of Hispanic America lead the structuring actions and programs of these causes, with articulated management, but independent of the programs to guarantee the connection with the reality of each geography.

Pink October is the main breast cancer awareness platform in the region and the campaign to prevent domestic violence against women #IsoladasSimSozinhasNão made a relevant alert for the increased risk for women in the midst of the pandemic.

To continue the #IsoladasSimSozinhasNão campaign in 2021, Ângela was implemented, an artificial intelligence tool that offers guidance and reception services, such as social, legal, material, and psychological assistance for victims of cases of violence. The service served more than 15,000 women in 2021 with 90% user approval.

Due to the relevance and wide reach of its programs, the Avon Institute has made large investments focused on Brazilian women in the last eight years. The Avon Foundation in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay developed a platform 15 years ago to support female social leaders and today it is a reference in training on the fight against gender violence. In Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, and Central America, the Women’s Career is one of the campaigns with the greatest mobilization around self-care and awareness of the importance of early detection of breast cancer, measures that can save lives.

Check out more information about the impact generated by the Avon Institute to promote female empowerment, fight domestic violence and breast cancer, as well as support other causes in favor of women by visiting the website.

Natura Foundation

Instituto Natura evolved in its work to improve public education throughout 2021, intensifying and expanding its operations in Latin America, despite the strong impact still imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2021, the Institute advanced in actions to support public policies in 21 Brazilian states and provided support and solutions in the process of gradual reopening of institutions after the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. The focus was mainly on the joint search for solutions for the recomposition of learning and the fight against school dropout. The Institute started operating in 2020 in Argentina, Mexico and Chile, and in 2021 it started its activities in Colombia and Peru.

The institute’s objective is to contribute to a transformation of education that is capable of guaranteeing quality learning for all children and young people. To this end, it supports public policies, aiming to influence systemic and scaled actions for education. In Brazil, the commitments are focused on: Literacy at the right age; Expansion of the Integral High School network; Articulation of priority agendas in education; and offer opportunities for access to education (technical courses, graduation and languages) and mobilization for consultants.

The amounts invested by Instituto Natura in education come from the collection of Crer Para Ver, a non-cosmetic product line that reverts all profits from sales to education. The line counts on the important mobilization of Natura Beauty Consultants, who also give up their profits from sales in favor of education.

In 2021, the collection totaled BRL 75.2 million, taking into account the results of all Latin American countries where the Natura brand is present. Investment in Instituto Natura’s actions in 2021 reached BRL 75.1 million (from the 2020 collection), benefiting 3,400 schools and around 2.5 million students in Brazil, and 1,000 schools and 168,000 students in Hispanic American countries.

Learn more about how Instituto Natura promotes quality education to promote social equity, improve the quality of life of consultants and their engagement around the cause of education by accessing the website