Sustainability Governance

A key mechanism for the governance of Natura &Co is the creation of Networks of Excellence (NEx) to leverage the group’s knowledge and collaboration around the world, collecting and discussing insights, sharing knowledge and best practices in strategic areas.

We established 16 working groups with the participation of 90 people who interact with the Sustainability Excellence Network, called S-NEX, with the participation of 27 leaders who meet bimonthly and share provide other members of senior leadership a progress report on the implementation of projects.every six months.

Clear responsibilities and governance with disciplined implementation



Within S-Nex, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and the Sustainability, R&D, Operation and Logistics leaders participate for each brand. From the Group’s global and transversal management, the leaders of people, finance and operations & logistics and sustainability participate.

In order to carry out a more detailed monitoring of the actions focused on achieving the goals established in the Commitment to Life (see more information here), S-Nex’s core group was established, composed of seven members:

  • Marcelo Behar – Vice President of Sustainability and Corporate Affairs – Natura &Co
  • Keyvan Macedo –Sustainability Director – Natura &Co
  • Mark Davis – Head of Sustainable Operations – Natura &Co
  • Catherine O’Dea – General Manager Global Strategy, Sustainability and Growth – Aesop
  • Natalie Deacon, Sustainability Director – Avon
  • Denise Hills – Global Director of Sustainability – Natura
  • Christopher Davis – International Director of Sustainability – The Body Shop

Natura &Co is proudly the largest Certified B Corporation in the world, as our businesses meet the highest standards of governance, transparency and corporate responsibility, seeking to balance profit and purpose and financial, social and environmental performance.

The group’s certification took place at the same time as –and also as a result of – Natura’s third certification process, achieving its highest score last year. Natura has been certified as a B Corporation since 2014, while The Body Shop received certification in 2019 and Aesop in 2020. Avon is on the path to certification by 2025. More information about our path to B certification  here.