Supporting our communities during the pandemic: R$121 million in donations


Avon International Natura &Co Latin America The Body Shop Aesop
R$4.2 million (equivalent to US$0.8 million) in products and R$5.2 million (or US$1 million) donated to frontline domestic abuse services through Avon Foundation (#IsolatedNotAlone). R$60.3 million in essential products to NGOs, communities, consultants, Red Cross and health organizations. R$32 million (or £4.5 million) donated, including to the #IsolatedNotAlone campaign and products to nurses, doctors and support staff working in emergency hospitals. R$13 million (or A$3.2 million) in products donated in Australia plus an additional
R$6.1 million (A$1.5 million) through the Aesop Foundation 2020 Support Fund.

Given the unpredictable circumstances, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it was essential that we prioritize our network. As established a “Time to Care”, for ourselves and for each other.

We quickly set up a global task force and appointed specific teams across all businesses, functions and geographies to find the best ways to engage with all our stakeholders.

Quickly thereafter, we rolled out a comprehensive initiative called “Time to Care”, aimed at prioritizing our people first and foremost, providing support for one another and giving back where we could. We have embraced social distancing and have learnt how to remain active and connected while physically distanced.

We provided job security for all our employees during the most acute period of the crisis, depending on local laws and regulations.
Remote working for administrative roles has been encouraged whenever possible. Our store personnel have been offered flexible hours or have been redeployed into other roles or projects, such as supporting our online channels. Those who have been continuing to work in production and distribution follow strict hygiene and social distancing protocols.

We offered credit flexibility to our network of consultants and representatives, with payment terms and additional emergency funds.

Employees, franchisees, consultants and representatives also had access to telemedicine, mental health resources and grief support, and have been encouraged to maintain connections with their colleagues, friends and family.

As a consequence of the isolation measures, we also saw an increase in the vulnerability of women and children already at risk of domestic violence. Therefore, we joined organizations that deliver frontline services to domestic violence victims and help women at risk.

Our campaign #IsolatedNotAlone raises awareness of the issue, signposts help for those who need it and calls on governments around the world to expand funding and resources to deal with the increased incidence of violence. Through the Avon Foundation we donated US$1 million to support more than 40 NGOs across the world.

Undertaking a major shift in our supply chain, we refocused on what was essential during the pandemic and refocused operations across brands to increase production of soaps and hand sanitizers by more than 30%.

In Latin America, we took advantage of Avon’s under-utilized manufacturing capacity to donate 4.8 million units of bar soaps and other personal care products, 260 tons of hand sanitizer and 315,000liters of liquid alcohol to governments, NGOs, hospitals and frontline workers.
Our powerful network of more than 8 million consultants and representatives helped spread awareness about hygiene protocols and social distancing among their own communities and customers.

A subsequent US$1 billion (approximately R$5.6 billion) capital increase allowed us to accelerate our investments in digital, which have been stepped up as a result of the pandemic.

The shift to digital largely offset the COVID-19 impact on store closures and restrictions on social contact. In the UK, due to the high volume of orders generated by the online platform, The Body Shop transformed a vacant warehouse into a new operational distribution center in just 17 days.
Meanwhile, Aesop set up 16 digital fulfillment sites globally and bolstered online customer service offerings with live chat, virtual consultations and click and collect functionality.

Through this significant growth in social selling (social content tools and interactive digital brochures) and ecommerce (record traffic and conversion delivery), we were able to reach our network and customers to deliver sales growth, improve margins and even outperform the market.
The crisis is not over yet. However, we are hopeful, confident and humbled by the magnitude of what has been demanded of us and what still lies ahead.

We are closely monitoring the evolution of the pandemic worldwide, particularly lockdowns and restrictions adopted within our markets.

The Crisis Committee continuously analyzes the situation and acts to minimize the impact, ensure continuity of operations, protect cash, improve liquidity and promote the health and safety of employees, consultants, representatives and customers.

For a group guided by a belief in the interdependence of all living things, this crisis has taught us valuable lessons and underscored the fundamental truth that it is always time to care.